The Amateur Sketch of the magical creature found in Mobile, Alabama.

The Amateur Sketch of the magical creature found in Mobile, Alabama.

To many, a leprechaun is a mystical creature that creates a fantasy for children around St. Patricks day.  However, to local residents of Mobile, Alabama, a leprechaun is a nothing more than a neighbor and an opportunity to be rich.  In March of 2006, several residents reported spotting a leprechaun sitting in a tree.  To some people, it was a shadow misplaced, to others, it was a small man on crack cocaine.  To this writer, it was the effect of drugs on human perception.

Consider the following video, depicting the testimony of a woman who claims that it was the effect of “a crack head who got ahold of the wrong stuff”:

  The amateur sketch also provides some insight into the ordeal.  But, more ironic, is the fact that there are apparently official leprechaun hunters who have special flutes to ward off harmful spells.  According to one hunter, “he just came to help out”.  The mass hysteria that the news story caused, created a huge impact on tourism, and residents began to charge for parking.

  Mobile, Alabama is a known hotspot for crack cocaine.  In more recent news, a woman was arrested for making this very drug in her microwave.  Janice Tate, also known as ‘E.T.’ was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance.  She could be facing up to four years in prison.

  What are your opinions regarding this magical leprechaun?  Do you have any experience hunting these creatures?  Was it a shadow or a crackhead who got a hold of the wrong stuff?

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