More and more states are trying to find ways to cut the cost of prisons. With the Federal Second Chance Act of 2008 ,they are trying to save money by keeping former inmates out of the system for second and third times. According to many studies and statistics, once convicted, there is a much higher rate of return for incarceration. According to a quote from The NY Times, the Act has “Cut costs $52 Billion average nation-wide a year”.  Also, they say,  ”some states have  expanded community-based drug treatment programs, improved postprison supervision and retooled parole systems that once shunted people back to jail not for actual crimes but for technical violations that are more cheaply and effectively dealt with through community-based sanctions like house arrest or mandatory drug treatment.”

So, not only are they lowering prison costs, but they are also helping people in communities change their lives around for the better and making their communities safer. One would hopefully look at all of this as a very postive thing. As hard as it is for normal people to find a job, it is very hard for convicted felons to find any kind of work that would give them a chance without the employer being very weary about the entire situation.

They have also helped convicted felons to get housing as that is very hard for them as well.  Many communities require mandatory background checks in order to reside there.  They also require everyone living there to be on the lease, making it impossible for many felons to integrate back into society.  Everyone should be entitled to a second chance, as everyone does make mistakes.  But at what point will society stop protecting itself and start protecting its convicted citizens?

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