The newest Quentin Tarantino movie, entitled “Django Unchained” depicts the struggle of a black slave who is separated from his German-learned wife, and his travels throughout life to become a bounty hunter and eventually rescue his wife from the notorious Candieland.  Depicted in the style of Tarantino, the movie could be considered gruesome and bloody at certain points: specifically when individuals are shot with guns, and also when a runaway slave is punished by being torn apart by dogs.

But, what is probably more alarming than any of this, is the constant use of the “N-Word” throughout the entire movie.  When asked if he felt it was offensive, Samuel Jackson, who plays a slave in the movie, responded that if the person doing the interview could not say the word, then it was not a real question and should not be answered accordingly.

Katt Williams was very offended, and said that neither Jamie Fox or Samuel Jackson could give Tarantino the pass that he would need to have his actors say the word so many times.  Effectively, Spike Lee states:

“All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors, to see that film. That’s the only thing I’m gonna say. I can’t disrespect my ancestors. I can’t do it. Now, that’s me, I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody but myself.”

The film itself has won several awards, and nominated for several more.  According to Tarantino, the film effectively uses the terminology that would appropriate for the mid-century Mississippi country.

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