This world is sure to have many dog lovers; the kinds of people who have dogs as a part of their everyday lives. Dogs play with us, walk with us, keep us company, protect us; we let them into our houses, even up onto our beds, and most of all we see them as our friends (if not family!).
Unfortunately, there are other types of people in this world. People who intentionally injure dogs and other animals, just for entertainment; pitting them against each other to fight to the death. Some people even go beyond that, taking the losers that survive those matches of cruelty and turning them into bait dogs so their best fighters can practice on them, or even killing the losers themselves by methods of hanging, drowning, or electrocution. Do these sound like animal lovers? Most certainly not!
How would you feel if a convicted dog fighter, who has even confessed to killing dogs himself, owned another dog in his lifetime? This is the latest news in the life of NFL star Michael Vick. Many would consider this to be outrageous.

Being an animal lover myself, I was equally appalled and outraged with the public in 2007 upon hearing these acts of cruelty. I fill with anger when I hear of any acts of animal cruelty because no animal deserves to be treated in such ways!  I do agree that convicted persons of animal cruelty should never be allowed to own another animal because of the likely chance of being a repeat offender.
However, would you agree with depriving a child of the joys of growing up with a pet? Deprive them of the advantages of learning the responsibility of owning a pet, learning respect and love for animals, and the joy of having a loyal friend for life?
Even though Vick should never be allowed to own another animal in his lifetime, it wouldn’t be fair that his children should suffer the same punishment since they were not involved in these heinous acts. As hard as this may be, maybe the Vick family should have a second chance with a family dog, for the children’s sake. Maybe his children can learn to love animals and learn from their father’s mistakes.
Even if Vick has claimed to change his ways, this is not to go unnoticed. Putting an animal back into the hands of an abuser should not be taken lightly. I find it vital that local animal cruelty investigators stay on top of the Vick family’s animal affairs. If there is ever another inkling of animal abuse, immediate intervention needs to be made, and the only way to know is for the situation to be monitored. I hope that Vick really did change his ways and can prove that it is possible for people to get a second chance, because there will be no third chance.

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2 Responses to Do You Believe in Second Chances?

  1. Johnny says:

    Has the government taken any actions against Vicks so that he cannot get another pet?
    Was it in the judges order that he could not have another dog? You think that these things would be noticed. In my opinion, its too soon…

    • Jessica says:

      apparently after his “probation” they approved him having another dog :/
      i just hope they keep a very close eye on him

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