Yesterday it was announced that FACEBOOK would once again be changing it privacy settings for all of its Facebook users.Today marks the day that facebook will be deleting the option for users to control who looks up yor name or profile. Quoted from TheDailyBeast ;”While it used to be possible for users to control who could look up their profiles by name, Facebook announced that privilege would be deleted on Wednesday”

One of the workers from Facebook’s privacy team says”Our concern, quite frankly, is that people think it provides a level of security, but it actually doesn’t,”. This could really critically effect all those who use the social networking site to find there old friends or anyone for that matter. It seems like many FaceBook users will be outraged when they find out that this has happened. Many people however, will simply over look this feature and continue to use the site as if nothing happened. Social networking sites should add more features to its options to make the users experience more customizable to lure more people to use there site over other ones. Do you think that it is unfair for FaceBook to do this to all of its devoted users?

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