It is an issue that keeps reiterating itself in American society; the concept of the sanctity of marriage.  It has been the foundation of the opposition to gay marriage, but not much attention has been paid to why divorce statistics are the way that they are.  What has been done in society to prevent heterosexual couples from divorcing?  According to statistics, nearly 50% of all first marriages end in divorce.  Second marriages have a 67% chance, and third have a 73% chance.  This clearly shows one thing – there is a lack of commitment in American society.  Like filing for bankruptcy, nothing is permanently lasting in society except for some felonies that will permanently stay on one’s record (and even the majority of these can be expunged, or permanently removed from one’s record).

Couples with children have a slightly lower rate of divorce, and many experts believe that divorces often occur because of infertility.  Or, could it be that parents try to keep things working out for their children?  Growing with increased gender equality, divorce rates have skyrocketed.  In a society where women were once subservient to men, they would be the home maker; cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children.  Now, with increased equality, women are equally in the work force supplying the money for their families, and just paying for someone else to watch the children.  There is no longer dependency on the man for the money, and the woman for the home care.  There is equality, and this had ultimately led to the ideal of greener grass in American society.

Traditionally, the breadwinner of the family has always been the man.  In hard times, especially associated with World Wars or the Great Depression, women and children would go to work to raise money while their men were at war or unable to provide to them for lack of work.  In today’s age, many women are the breadwinners, and men stay at home and care for children.  Or both provide monetarily for the family, with the child having no true guidance except child care.  The values of society are slowly shifting, with the cause of it all being gender equality.  Females no longer have a social mandate to stay with their men.

In fact, many women now use their modern role with the traditional one in order to exploit society.  For example, children in divorces.  Many judges limit father’s rights in divorces, and tend to side with the mother.  In these states, the mother gets the traditional maternity bonus, while the father is left there unfairly.  Consider the recent Tiger Woods divorce settlement, where his ex-wife said that he was not allowed to have girlfriends around his children when he saw them.  Does having a girlfriend around children endanger them or promote the concept that they are not being cared for?  No. She was just manipulating the system in order to control her ex-husband.  Children are not granted time-sharing based on the rights or wrongs of a relationship.  Every child needs a father and a mother.

Here is a great response to this: “I find it despicable for one parent to use their children to control another parent in any way.  If there is evidence the parent is a bad parent then by all means safety precautions should be put in place.  However, to create a clause to limit a parents right to access to their children if they don’t do what makes the other parent happy is wrong.  A divorce is just that, a divorce.  Once you get divorced you no longer have a say over the life of the other parent.  You have a say over your children’s safety, well-being, and proper care but if the other parent is providing all of those things then you have no say over anything else.”  So, while women were once indebted to men for their care, forcing them to stay obedient, they now have the means and power to not only control men, but enslave them for 18+ years of their life.


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