Three people were looking for computers and ipads and what they got for there money is shocking. One lady in the parking lot at Save-A-Lot grocery store, 288 N. Nova Road in Daytona Beach, was approached by a stranger who told her he needed money to get home and would sell her an iPad, a police report shows, quoted from the Orlando Sentinel.

The lady then got inside the mans vehicle and handed him $400 for the ipad that was supposed to be inside of the Fed-Ex box. When she got home she opened the box and it was empty! Later on, two men at a Best Buy in Daytona Beach were approached by a man who said he owned a computer store  and had alot of excess inventory and would sell it all at discounted prices.

The two men then went to the sellers car and looked at a Ipad and a MacBook Pro. They decided not to buy either from the man at this time. The two men then called the seller back in 30 minutes and asked him if they could look at them again.After looking at them again they decided again not to purchase them, and drove to a near by Target Store. The seller followed them and kept trying to get them to buy them for less and less, then handed one of the men two Fed-Ex Boxes that were supposed to have computers in them and showed the two men a gun . He got away with $750. Be weary of deals that sound too good to be true. Its always better to be safe than sorry.


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