Police officers hold a vital role in society – of keeping the peace.  But what happens when citizens misplace this trust?  You have incidents of police brutality and misconduct.  Such is the case of Orlando officer Danny Sidders.  An instance that would make someone living in Orlando question the police, and their local government altogether.  The man has been married twice, and in both instances, the ex-wives have spoken out and said that they were victims of domestic violence.

In his personal career, he has been investigated 7 times for misconduct.  In this year alone, he has been arrested twice for domestic violence.  Back in January, he was arrested for beating up a woman.  On Tuesday, he was arrested for breaking into her home, beating her up, and spitting on her.  He also got in a fight with another person living in the residence.  Should a person with violent charges be allowed to be a police officer?

He was also suspended from work for a day, after breaking into an ex-wifes home and punching her boyfriend.  This was found on internal investigation documents.  And, whats more, it is not his first instance in the news.  He was also known for the shooting of a police dog named Viper.  He allegedly shot him after he tried to attack him.  But, in this instance, did the dog have the right idea?


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