On Christmas Eve on I-4 in Lake Mary, Fl ,  A man was shot five times while driving around 3:30 am. He said that a silver Mercedes Benz was driving next to him and opened fire at his car , and he was hit 5 times and the car was shot many more times. Kenneth Hunt II is now wanted  because when he was found by his shot up Ford Mustang , he had cocaine in his pocket and two guns were also outside of the vehicle. He was immediately taken to ORMC according to Orlando Sentinel.  One of the guns he had posession of was stolen as well.”The warrant also accuses him of use of a firearm during the commission of a felony – possessing a handgun while possessing cocaine.
 Hunt had been free on $200,000 bond at the time of the shooting, awaiting trial in Seminole County on charges he’s part of a cocaine trafficking and racketeering ring that includes two-dozen other defendants.” Also, Lake Mary police have no arrests on the people who shot Hunt.

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