Friday, November 23rd, at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida, a 17 year old teenager was sitting in a car waiting on some of their friends to come out of a gas station playing music loudly. A car pulled up next to them and a elderly guy asked them to turn down their music . They then began to exchange some words when the elderly man pulled out a gun and shot the teenager twice and the car eight to nines times.

The teenager and all of their friends were unarmed and were completly shocked that this happened. The car of teenagers fled the scene and so did the shooter. The shooter was caught the next day and was identified as Michael David Dunn, age 45 as quoted from Orlando sentinel.

The victim was 17 yr old Jordan Davis, a high school student and Winn Dixie employee. Michael Dunn is now being held with no bail on charges on murder and attempted murder. This is very sad that someone had to lose their life over somthing that should have never happened and something as simple as not liking the music someone else is playing, or that the music is too loud, and the other person doesnt like it. How does all of this make you feel? Will you think twice before you turn your music up loud again? Or will you think twice before gettting in a confrontation with another person?

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