Our systematic ways of dealing with problems in our own ways is how we get through our day. Some people relieve stress in many different ways, Music, Art, Sports the list can go on forever.

A lot of our society is dependent on some kind of release such as drugs. They wake up in the morning and down some alcohol. Smoke some bud or worse other outlets. Then these people get behind the wheel of a car and drive and attempt to go about their days. Not a smart thing to do. Innocent people are killed every single day by people under the influence of a substance.

The worst being alcohol. Getting behind the wheel with alcohol in your system is a dangerous thing, you put yourself and others in grave danger not to mention risk a DUI which costs an arm and a leg to pay for. I guess either way you drink and drive youll loose and arm and a leg regardless. There are other ways to handle situations rather then put yourself and others at risk. Please be safe and considerate of others well beings, its not worth it.

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