“Florida police arrested a woman Saturday who had been photographed riding a manatee – a violation of the state’s Manatee Sanctuary Act”, quoted from U.S. News on NBC News. A woman was arrestede at her job on saturday  when she came forward to admit in october that she was the person who was photographed “Riding A Manatee ” in Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas, Fl.  She said that she had no clue that touching a manatee or a “sea cow” was against the law.

Florida Manatee Sanctuary Acts say “It is unlawful for any person at any time, by any means, or in any manner intentionally or negligently to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb or attempt to molest, harass, or disturb any manatee.”

Which is also a misdemenor in FL and can get you up to 60 days in jail and not including all of the fines and court costs that will add up.Florida officials took the manatee-riding reports seriously and circulated the image of the woman, asking Floridians to identify her. 

Talk about embarrassing… could you imagine explaining that in a job interview?

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